ITI Energy Limited manufactures a compact and highly efficient thermal conversion technology based on a patented advanced gasification design. Combined with the most up to date, commercially available gas clean-up systems the technology generates a synthetic gas that is clean enough to fuel an internal combustion engine.

Developed over ten years at Newcastle University The ITI Energy Gasifier was specifically designed to handle a wide range of "difficult" or negative-value feedstocks and is particularly suited to the conversion of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) into energy. It is a very efficient system converting 1.5 tonnes of RDF into 1.7 MWe Nett and 2 MWth per hour, after taking into account the parasitic load. The gasifier and gas clean up has a very small footprint measuring only 12 metres x 4 metres (with an approximate height of 12 metres), making it ideal for positioning within a discreet structure either near the source of the waste/feedstock or in proximity to the energy offtaker. The system's operational efficiency is such that it can show a return on investment within 3-4 years.